Monatsanfang Blog-Post (Dezember)

Eilean Donan Castle - Schottland

Eilean Donan Castle – Schottland

Sehr schnell ist viel Zeit vergangen, der Dezember ist richtig früh heuer 😉  , viel passiert Weiterlesen

Schöne Plätze

Lindisfarne Castle - England

Lindisfarne Castle – England

„The best place is the place in which you experience wonder;

where your eyes are open to things you´ve never seen.

The best place is the place in which you are lost, beyond your notions,

a little off-kilter and looking for balance.

They are places full of possibilities and unhindered by the need to

make a photograph just like the ones you came hoping to make,

but instead make something more, something better than your expectations“

David Duchemin/Your F should be 5